DIFK Dipl.-Ing. Florian Kosche AS PROJECTS JOBS NO


Mixed use. Växjö. Sweden. 2016.

Växjö city hall and station is a project with the ambition of gathering various programs in a six storied timber building. Located in the proximity of the railways, it will host a train station, the city hall, and new offices.

Keywords for the project included *meeting place, *flexibility and *sustainability. However, the principle interest was to use timber as the main structural material to create a unique atmosphere.

The structure is divided into three areas. The concrete basement acts like a socket supporting the timber structure above. The ground level is conceived as a train station hall and designed to allow for the flow of thousands of people every day. The massive timber beams and columns are orientated and located in such a way to increase the feeling of porosity between the station and the center of the city. The upper levels the timber structure evolve towards more standard dimensions. The grid is filled in by columns to reduce the spans and to create a brighter atmosphere more suitable for office space.

The facade envelope combines two systems. In the ground floor, a glass running façade is placed in front of the glulam columns. In the upper levels, a double skin façade using structural glazing together with CLT is used to achieve a high level of comfort.

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