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Culture house, offices, public space. Stavanger. Norway. 2019.

Nytorget was a competition together with Ghilardi + Hellsten Arkitekter combining a youth cultural center, offices, shops and an art gallery around a multi-functional green space in central Stavanger. The primary structural system for the entire project is designed in massive wood.

Structural system

Approximately 60% of buildings CO2 emissions are linked to the load-bearing structure, where slab elements are the largest contributor. An environmentally friendly approach to material use and building resulted in a structural design of massive wood in combination with concrete.

Timber construction can reduce the weight of a structure while simplifying the building process. The self-load of the structural elements often stands for 85% of the vertical loads. Reducing this allows a minimization of columns and foundational dimensions. It further reduces emissions during transportation as well as installation.

Varying programs such as office, dwelling or education, usually require different spans. To ensure flexibility of use over time, a distance of 8 m between columns was implemented in all building volumes, increasing flexibility in case of a potential change of use during the building’s lifespan.

Overall stability

Lift and staircases are designed in massive wood. They will provide enough lateral stiffness and rigidity to counteract horizontal forces from the wind and eventual earthquakes.


The façade design is adapted to the different climatic conditions depending on orientation.

Compact double facades with closed cavities combine good insulation with integrated solar protection and easy maintenance. The use of clear glass provides high daylight transmission, high daylight comfort, and reduces the need for artificial light, which in turn reduces CO2eq emissions.

A high proportion of opaque walls with high insulation capacity considerably reduces heat emissions and heating needs.

Karres en Brands
Images courtesy Ghilardi+Hellsten, Karres en Brands

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